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Nuclear Testing

Cardiology offered in Sacramento and Davis, CA

Nuclear Testing services offered in Sacramento and Davis, CA

Nuclear testing uses highly advanced noninvasive techniques to evaluate heart health and function. At Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates, the elite board-certified cardiology specialists perform nuclear testing procedures conveniently in their state-of-the-art facilities, with two locations in Sacramento and an additional location in Davis. Book an appointment with the online scheduling feature or call the nearest office today.

Nuclear Testing Q&A

What is nuclear testing?

Nuclear testing procedures check your heart’s blood flow and assess heart pumping. This type of testing uses an injection of a harmless radioisotope to gather detailed information about your heart, which is valuable for diagnostic and treatment reasons.

How does nuclear testing work?

For nuclear testing, you’ll receive a radioisotope intravenously. A gamma camera, a specialized scanner, detects rays emitted by the radioisotope and translates them into images that show its path in your blood and through your heart.

After the first scan, you’ll typically walk on a treadmill or use a stationary bike, which increases your heart rate. When you reach the required heart rate, you’ll receive another injection, and the gamma camera will again track the path of the radioisotope in your blood and heart.

If you cannot exercise, you’ll receive an injection that increases your heart rate to an exercise level.

The Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates team compares the first and second sets of images. This gives them detailed information that can help detect heart problems.

When do I need nuclear testing?

The Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates team might recommend nuclear testing in the following situations.


Diagnosis of coronary artery disease

If you have symptoms that could indicate coronary artery disease or are already diagnosed with it, you may need nuclear testing. This type of testing can locate and evaluate the severity of blockages in the arteries that bring blood to your heart. 


Treatment monitoring and planning

Nuclear testing can help guide the treatment of coronary artery disease. It can reveal how effective your current treatment is and help determine what kind of treatment may work best for you in the future. 

Nuclear testing also yields other valuable information, like showing how well your heart’s pumping, where you have poor blood flow, and detecting areas affected by a prior heart attack. 

What happens after nuclear testing?

After nuclear testing, you’ll return to Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates to discuss your results. At that time, you might need to start new medication, make lifestyle changes, or schedule a procedure to effectively treat your heart problem. 

When you need nuclear testing, trust Northern California’s most elite cardiology experts. Set up your appointment by calling Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates or clicking the online scheduling feature now.