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Echocardiogram services offered in Sacramento and Davis, CA

Echocardiogram is an important imaging test that uses completely noninvasive ultrasound waves to create pictures of your heart. At Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates, with two offices in Sacramento and an additional location in Davis, California, the team of board-certified cardiovascular specialists offers echocardiograms and other advanced diagnostics and imaging conveniently in the office. Book your appointment online or call the office nearest you today.

Echocardiogram Q&A

What is an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is a noninvasive and radiation-free imaging test that uses sound waves (ultrasound) to create images of your heart. Echocardiograms can detect many heart issues, including heart defects, coronary artery disease, blood clots, tumors, aorta artery issues, and other serious medical problems. 

When might I need an echocardiogram?

You could need an echocardiogram if you have heart problems or symptoms that might originate in your heart, such as chest pain or breathing difficulties. 

An echocardiogram creates images of your heart valves and chambers to evaluate many aspects of your heart, including its structure and function. 

What is the process for an echocardiogram?

Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates offers many types of echocardiograms, each with its own specific purposes and processes. The transducer, which emits the ultrasound waves, is used differently with each test.  

These include:


Transthoracic echocardiogram

Transthoracic echocardiograms are the most common test form. It involves moving an ultrasound transducer across your chest to create images.


Transesophageal echocardiogram

A transesophageal echocardiogram involves passing a thin tube, equipped with a miniature transducer, into your food tube (esophagus), placing it directly next to your heart to produce images.


Stress echocardiogram

A stress echocardiogram is a transthoracic echocardiogram that you have before and after exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike. Alternatively, a stress echocardiogram may involve dobutamine, a drug that simulates the effects of exercise if you're not healthy enough to exercise. 


Intravascular echocardiogram

An intravascular echocardiogram is performed by guiding a thin catheter through a blood vessel to reach your heart. The end of the catheter contains a transducer that creates pictures of the insides of your blood vessels.

The specific echocardiogram that you need depends on your symptoms, general health, and the suspected condition. 

What are the benefits of echocardiograms?

Echocardiograms are painless, quick, and easy. The whole process is usually complete within an hour, and you can return to normal activities immediately. 

The Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates analyzes the images in detail after your echocardiogram and can then discuss your results with you and explain treatment options at your next visit. 

Book your echocardiogram in the one-stop cardiovascular care facility at Sacramento Heart & Vascular Medical Associates now: Call the office nearest you or click the online scheduler anytime.